The Last of the Romans

The Last of the Romans series explores the early life and exploits of a real life character from the fifth century, Ambrosius Aurelianus. Though we know Ambrosius existed and we have some information about his role in defending Britain against Saxon incursions, we know almost nothing about the man himself or his early life.

This series is an attempt – albeit a fictional one – to recreate Ambrosius’ early life and show how the formidable man who later managed to unite the warring tribes of Britain might have been forged from adversity and struggle.

The Last of the Romans series begins in 454 AD in Northern Italy…

Britannia worlds end

The Story of Dux and his men pulled me in at once.

Reading Order

If you want to read the series in order it goes like this:

Last of the Romans
Britannia: World’s End
New Dawn (novella)
Death At the Feet of Venus
(short story included in a free multi-author compilation entitled Betrayal)
Land of Fire

Locations used in The Last of the Romans

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