The Wars of the Roses

In 1459 England is on the verge of civil war: the Wars of the Roses. A struggle for power at the heart of the royal court has fractured traditional allegiances, forging new and dangerous alliances. Richard, Duke of York, the most powerful nobleman in the land, has been cast adrift by the government of King Henry VI – a regime dominated by his queen, Margaret of Anjou. York and his allies, the father and son Neville Earls of Salisbury and Warwick, are ousted from all positions of influence and declared traitors. York is gathering his forces to test the queen’s resolve by war.

It all starts with Feud…

Kingdom of Rebels, Derek Birks, historical Fiction, Wars of the Roses
crown of fear, wars of the roses, derek birks, historical fiction

A breath of fresh air for historical fiction

It All Starts with Feud...

All About Feud

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Reading Order

If you want to read the series in order it goes like this:

(Previously Rebels and Brothers)

A Traitor’s Fate
Kingdom of Rebels
The Last Shroud

(Previously The Craft of Kings)

Scars from the Past
The Blood of Princes
Echoes of Treason
Shadow of Doubt (novella)
Crown of Fear

Locations used in Wars of the Roses

During the course of my research for the Rebels and Brothers series, I took thousands of photos. These are to remind me about the physical features of the various locations for each scene. Of course, they represent only what the setting is like now in the 21st century and I must carry out further research to find out what has changed over the 600 years or so since the events took place!

Here is a selection of images from my research archive which might be of interest to readers.

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